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Intel Launch New Range of SSD's

Intel SSD 355 features new 20nm NAND chips.

SSD hard drives have been going from strength to strength this last year or so and today is no different as Intel launch their latest range of Solid State Hard Drives.

The new Intel SSD 355 have been created using the 20nm manufacturing process for their NAND chips, thanks to the help from IM Flash Technologies who co-developed the new chips along side Intel.

Intel SSDIntel SSD

So why is this such a big deal? well reducing the side of the die in the chips reducing power consumption and can improve overall performance and capacity. This shines through nicely as we see this new range featuring 240GB storage, with full SATA 6Gbps support, 500Mbps and 450Mbps read and writing speeds respectively and it's only 9.5mm in hight.

While we have yet to see any benchmarks on these SSD's, performance is expected to be fantastic. Along side a purchase of the new hardware, users can expect access to the Intel SSD Toolbox and Intel Data Migration software, the 3.5" adaptor bracket to help with chassis compatibility and a bundle in SATA cable, everything you need to get it up and running out of the box basically.

So who's interested in this new range from Intel?