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Hurricane Sandy Effecting Many Internet Services

Some ISPs and websites down due effects of the storm.

Hurricane Sandy is terrible, it has wreaked havoc across a large portion of the American East coast, striking major states like New York with horrendous force with more problems than just high winds left in is wake.

Millions of people are left without power and other vital services, subways are flooded, building damaged and a whole lot more throughout many parts where the super storm has struck, worst of all it has claimed dozens of lives in the process.

With the loss of life and many people still in danger, it seems pitiful to bring the news that some websites and internet providers are offline, but the internet is a vital tool for many both in work and personal life, especially as a means of communication throughout this disaster.

Datagram (ISP) in Manhattan is out of service due to flooding, who play host to Huffington Post, Gawker, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo and many more, so expect either no service or interrupted service as not all these sites will have a backup solution.

Just keep in mind that many US based internet services, sites and applications could be effected as many US citizens struggle to get to work, suffer power losses, flooding over the next few days or weeks.