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No Tegra 4 This Year

New Tegra chip will be heading to CES 2013

So it seems the Tegra 4 won't be released in 2012 afterall, even with multiple sources claiming it would. That's not to say the guesses weren't at least close though, as the chip will be heading out to CES 2013 for the official unveil by Nvidia.

The Tegra 4 is set to run at twice the power of Tegra 3 and a whopping ten times more powerful than the previous Tegra 2 chip. It will come with greater suppor tand compatibility features, which should make it easier for phone companies to fit their next generation phones with the chip.

It's not just the CPU side of things that have been given a new lease of life and power boost, so too has the GPU core which should also seriously out perform the Tegra 3 cores.

While we don't know if it beats Apples A6 chip, which we find fitted to the iPhone 5 and is the current leader in benchmarks, we have seen the current Tegra 3 fitted to the Nexus 7, Surface RT, HTC X and X+, which aren't exactly limp when it comes to performance.

So all eyes will be on CES for the full unveil of this next gen chip, who knows what devices will be fitted with this power house or if it will beat the A6 and take the mobile power house top spot.