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PS3 Hacked Again!

Custom firmware & security keys released into the wild

If you're a Sony employee, more specifically one that deals with piracy, encryption keys, firmware security and more then I feel truly sorry for you, I wouldn't want to go into work today either. The reason for this is simple, the PS3 has been cracked wide open once again in this never ending battle of David vs Goliath.

While older Playstation 3 hacks were utilizing thing like USB dongles, smart phones and all kinds of bizarre bypasses. This new hack however is a custom Playstation 3 firmware, along side its release are the publication of the LV0 decryption keys. For those that don't know what these keys are, a good analogy would be having the master keys to a sweet shop as far as hacking goes, with many of the hacking community already saying this now blows the system wide open, not only for hacking but for development, including home brew games.

It's a forever loosing battle for Sony, it always will be for any gaming hardware in terms of Piracy, hackers will ALWAYS find a way and the day they can't, shop lifting will likely see a small spike in popularity.

There is little word from Sony at the moment, but I would expect retribution to be swift and brutal from the industry giant. No doubt they are working on new firmware patches, firmware version number locking upcoming titles and launching investigations into hunting down the people who hacked their hardware.

I will add, I don't condone modding your console to run pirate games and software. Sure you could get a few games cheaper here and there, but at the risk of bricking your console, getting banded from services, breaking the law and of course not supporting your favourite developers, it just isn't worth it in my opinion.