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Wii U first UK TV Advert Released

If you weren't excited for the console, this advert won't change your opinion.

The release of Nintendo's new hardware is just around the corner and should be in stores on the 30th November, so it's about high time Nintendo get some serious advertising going here in the UK right? well they have, kinda.

It makes sense that for such a big hardware release Nintendo would need something that really sells their product, shows people the leap from the original Wii and that they have changed their ways in terms of marketing. Now you might argue that Wii (original one) sold well, so the marketing must have been good, right? wrong. It was cheap to buy and relatively simple to use, that's what sold it, not Ant and Dec playing Mario Cart with a fake family.

So it seems that for UK marketing, the Nintendo Execs have been watching those little infomercial you get for products from JML. The voice over sounds like he's selling a new squeeze mop not a console and the hardware is demonstrated poorly throughout.

Shots of gameplay flash by far too quickly, shaky cameras and needless cuts don't give you much view of how things are done and when they do it's presented in a childish manor that really doesn't do the hardware any justice.

I'm really looking forward to the hardware release, its got some interesting titles coming out over the next few months, but come on Nintendo, the average age of people who buy and play your hardware isn't a low as you think it is, so talk to us like adults.