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UK Digital TV Switch-over Complete

Makes way for 4G

Analogue TV has been broadcasting here in the UK for more than 70 years, but now it seems it's time has come to an end. The switch over has been a long and careful step-by-step project, turning off the older analogue signal and moving all areas of the UK to Digital TV broadcasts which take advantage of hardware such as Freeview.

But the end goal of switching off the Analogue system was to free up bandwidth, making way for the super speed mobile 4G networks and now it's time for 4G to shine and move us forward in the digital age.

It's taken five years to switch off Analogue and get each region of the UK up and running on Digital systems. Ofcom started their planning for all this way back in 2004 and yesterday marked the last switch over as Northern Ireland had it's analogue signal switched off.

“Now that switchover is complete, Ofcom is looking forward to delivering the 4G auction as the next step in delivering new higher speed mobile broadband services,” said Ofcom CEO Ed Richards in a statement.

So now the UK movie carriers can move forward with 4G, even amongst the issues with services like EE (Orange and T-Mobile) getting a head start and a few other issues, but it all boils down to a bidding war for the bandwidth. When the dust settles it means new devices will have access to the new and faster mobile network, reaping the benefits of faster mobile downloads for internet access and more on many digital platforms.

With EE already running ahead of some of the other networks, it won't be long until services like O2 and Vodafone follow suit, but either way, the next 12 months will be very interesting for those who use services like 3G and now 4G as the service gets into its stride.