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Apple iPad 4

Shock announcement unleashes details on the next gen iPad, but why so soon?

That's it, the cat is out the bag and quite frankly I didn't see this one coming from a mile off. The new iPad (known as the iPad 4) will feature an upgraded A6X CPU, which apple claims will offer up twice the performance in terms of general CPU power and graphics power over the A5X CPU that was used for the iPad 3. This is a hammer blow of performance, given the iPad 3 isn't a slouch when it comes to performance, so if the claims are true, the iPad 4 should be at least twice as good right?

Not much else has changed though, as the 9.7" retina display is still housed in the same chassis as before. Back that up with the iSight 5mp camera and it's on the most part still an iPad 3.

But this is where it gets interesting, the current hardware is already tried and tested, it works well and it's obviously popular. Keeping this same hardware means that everything from the resolution of the screen, resolution of photographs and more doesn't need tweaking, so all your old apps will work right out of the box. But the iPad 4 will bring with it higher performance combined with higher energy efficiency. This helps boost the battery life to 10 hours (continuous use).

Down the side of the device you will also find the new Lightning port, which will nicely compliment the double speed Wi-Fi (compared to previous models) and the camera has been tweaked a little to improve general performance. The new iPad 4 will be LTE compatible and 4G support for us in the UK.

Rocking a price tag of $499 (£313) for the 16GB Wi-Fi only edition, or you can add 3G/4G to the mix for $629 (£395).

Both editions will be available in black or white and pre-orders will be on Friday the 26th of October (2012), giving plenty of time for the release in early November.

So is this too soon, or is this exactly what you've been waiting for?