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Haswell Chips To Be Manufactured in Q4 For Q1 2013 Release

Intel pushed ahead despite low market demand.

Intel Corp's financial results were release detailing their 3rd quarter results for this year. Sales are down 5% year-over-year for Intel, something they expect to continue into Q4 due to the continuing lack of demand for personal computers. Which is quite simply a sign of the times, many consumers and businesses have had a hard few years, hit by recession and big changes in the way we use computers over the last few years.

With companies like ARM and AMD picking up the pack in recent years, maybe not in terms of performance compared to Intel's flagship ranges, but certainly enough to cater for most peoples needs, mobile devices and business uses.

This hasn't slowed them down one bit as they push the innovation envelope with their next generation of processors "haswell", which will be going into production at some point in Q4.

"Our third-quarter results reflected a continuing tough economic environment. The world of computing is in the midst of a period of breakthrough innovation and creativity. As we look to the fourth quarter, we're pleased with the continued progress in ultrabooks and phones and excited about the range of Intel-based tablets coming to market," said Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel.

Due to the lower market demand that has been hitting Intels profit line they have already put actions into place, such as substantially cutting wafer starts at its factories. Intel intend to maintain a lower factory utilization rate throughout Q4 with the aim of reducing their inventory levels by around $500 million. At the same time they will push forward with Haswell production which will of course increase their inventory, but clearly their hoping to hit a happy medium in terms of production and sales.

"We expect an increase in inventory reserves as we start production on our next-generation micro architecture product code-named Haswell, which we expect to qualify for sale in the first quarter of 2013," said Stacy Smith, chief financial officer of Intel.

Intel is yet to unleash the release date, or in fact many details about their next generation of microprocessors, but we do know they expect Haswell systems to be on the market within the first half of 2013.