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Microsoft Surface RT Pricing!

Microsoft Surface RT UK Priced & Available To Pre-Order

Microsoft have announced the release of their Windows Surface tablet within the UK with dates being as follows:

October 26 – Ship Date
October 30 – Arrival Date

Prices will range from £399.00 to £559.00 that includes VAT and will feature two distinct hardware sets one with a NVIDIA processor (32Gb) and the other has an Intel 3rd Gen i5 processor. This is not where the comparison ends, the i5 also has more memory over the NVIDIA powered surface (2Gb versus 4Gb) but more importantly for me the i5 is the only one that will do full 1080 HD as the NVIDIA powered surface as a pixel resolution of 1336x768.

I have been waiting on the price of Microsoft’s surface for a while since seeing both the look of the tablet and also being a big fan of the Metro interface.  I was really on board for, what I class, as the first true Microsoft dedicated tablet with a OS that has been built with this kind of use in mind.

Microsoft knows that making both the OS and tablet great is only half the battle as they will now need to get developers developing for the platform as without a decent amount of apps I don’t see the surface being able to complete with the likes of the iPad.

If it does not take off you could always use your Surface as a skateboard as shown by Window’s chief Steven Sinofsky in the below picture:

Microsoft Surface SkateboardMicrosoft Surface Skateboard