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iPad Mini Release Date Rumour

Could the new device be with us on October 23rd this year?

Apple is up to something, there is no doubt about that. The #1 tech company in the world has sent out invites which read "we've got a little more to show you” which we can only assume is in reference to the new iPad mini, given they haven't long launched a new phone and it seems unlikely to be a new computer at this time.

Personally I can't help but giggle at the iThing crowd, eager to jump on the next device no matter what it is or does. Not saying I don't love their technology, it's simply amazing and I'd be stupid to call it otherwise. It's just too overpriced and too highly regarded for my liking. But with the iPad Mini being the hot ticket at the moment, I'm not so sure what the market is for such a device.

The Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 and similar devices are offering plenty of features on a much more wallet friendly budget, so its obvious that Apple is going to target domination of the premium side of this market. But where an iPhone offers pocket friendly smart functions and the iPad offers bag friendly smart functions, what is the iPad Mini for, people with larger pockets or smaller bags perhaps and is it an iPad Mini or a bigger iPod Touch?

I know of course I'm completely blind to criticize a possible iPad Mini, because it will sell in its millions and will most likely be brilliant! but my question is, what exactly does it do that isn't already possible?

The iPad Mini is expected to be available in shops from November 2 in time for the Christmas rush, and some expect prices to be between £150-200.