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Halo 4 to Require 8GB of Hard Drive Space

Xbox 360 owners best start clearing some room for literally this years biggest game.

Microsoft has really dropped the bomb on Xbox 360 owners. With the announcement from the MS camp that the 2nd DVD that ships with Halo 4 will have to be installed in order to be use the games multiplayer features. Which means you best have enough free space on your drive if you want to pWn some n00bs.

This is a real slap in the face to those who have bought the 4GB edition of the Xbox 360 slim, as for reasons that are blatantly obvious, it doesn't have enough storage space to install the multiplayer components of the game. So what can you do?

Well fortunately Microsoft did come up with a fairly elegant solution to this a while ago. Giving you the option to install a USB flash drive of up to 16GB in size, this can be used to install these components of the game. Just be sure to do a quick google to find one that meets the right requirements for the job.

The only other options from there would be to upgrade your hard drive, but that can be a headache if you have a lot of files to transfer over to the new drive, as well as needing to purchase the hard drive transfer cable.

Now I hope people aren't going to blame Microsoft for this one, this is unfortunately a byproduct of this generation's console hardware limitations. Games are getting bigger and Xbox 360 is still resigned to the limited space of the DVD, it's not uncommon today for PC game installations to be 12GB or more.

So who here is looking forward to Halo 4, are you put off by this install issue or is it not a problem for you? let us know in the comments section below.