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Raspberry Pi Gets More RAM

What's better than Pi? more Pi!

The Raspberry Pi computer has been a heck of a success since its release, having sold out instantly and demand for the tiny computer was quite simply fierce. Maybe that is all about to happen again as people clamor to get their hands on the latest hardware revision as the Pi is set to be updated to 512MB of RAM.

Even with the double RAM upgrade to the system, which is known as the Raspberry Pi Model B, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has decided (rather nicely) to keep the price the same. So you can now get a 512MB Pi for just $35.

People have been asking the foundation constantly for more ram and its great to see that they have delivered, with talks of even more ram being a top request on the "model C" Pi  (a more expensive edition of the original) having gone on for a while now.

Even Upton said on their blog "This would be useful for people who want to use the Pi as a general-purpose computer, with multiple large applications running concurrently.".

To take advantage of this new RAM option, users will need to update the firmware on the device to reap the benefits of the increase in memory, which should also sit nicely with the last firmware update which saw the board being able to run a 1GHz, a big jump from the original 700MHz.

So if you still haven't jumped on the bandwagon of this stunning budget and programmer friendly computer, then there has never been a better time.