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RAMDisk Now Available

AMD can turn your RAM into a lighting fast storage solution

AMD has just launched their RAMDisk software, which is an innovative application that can borrow a block of your ram and use it as an extremely fast virtual hard drive. Yet it manages to do this while making even the fastest SSD drives on the market look slow in comparison.

RAMDisk has been developed in cooperation with Dataram and they have been kind enough to make a free edition available for download. Of course it does come with some limitations, such as drive size set to a maximum of 4GB or if you own Radeon branded RAM then you can push that to 6GB in the free software. Those who wish to go a lot further can splash out on the Xtreme version of the software ($18.99), which will allow users to create drives as large as 64GB, so long as you have that much ram to spare of course.

RAMDisk isn't out to replace SSD storage, this solution doesn't even compare to the way SSD drives are used, at least not yet. Due to the way RAM works, the temporary storage on the RAMDisk would go blank when you power down your computer. But when you need some fast access storage for things like video editing, rendering, game development, or the main idea here is for a general lightening fast cache drive.

By lightening fast, we really do mean it. With speed in the region of 25600MB/s on DDR3-1600 memory being obtainable, RAMDisk quite clearly blows SSD storage out of the water in terms of read times. This could have a huge impact on system boot times and other memory heavy software.

It's certainly something to keep and eye on and a great way to get some extra performance from your hardware.You can check out the download along with the official release notes here -