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UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending October 15th

Revenge solving everything, with Dishonored in at number 2

With the start of a new week comes a new set of sales figures. This week we see that FIFA 13 is refusing to move from that top spot, a figure that saddens me a little, but only because I'm not a fan of the game. While I would have loved to have seen Dishonored hit the top spot for its launch week, I am very pleased to see it rank at #2 this week.

Why am I so happy to see Dishonored at #2? (not that you asked). It's a new IP, something a little different and one of the few games in the charts this week that isn't directly a sequel or yearly update. The success of each new IP shows developers and more so publishers that sometimes its worth taking a gamble on a new idea.

Other new entries into the charts this week are Pokemon black and white version 2. The Black edition does seem to be out selling the white by a fair margin, but either way, both games are shifting more copies than hot titles like Borderlands 2. XCom: Enemy Unknown is off to a great start too, showing that there is still some love for a strategic battle game in todays world of the online FPS generations.

Long standing favourites are still bouncing up and down the charts, with Skyrim, Forza, Gran Turismo, CoD MW 3 and Dead Island all still doing their thing. I expect a fair few slightly older titles like this to rocket through the charts in the run up to christmas as retailers start to combine games with hardware units to boost sales.

There are some major launches coming up very soon though, which should see some major changes in the next few weeks. You can check out some of this month's major releases in our game release date article here -

UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending October 15thUKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending October 15th