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Nexus 2 Kickstarter Gains Pace

HD Interactive and Most Wanted Entertainment Requesting Support From Space-themed RTS Fans

HD Interactive and Most Wanted Entertainment have announced that the Kickstarter campaign for its proposed space combat simulation Nexus 2 – The Gods Awaken is gathering support, but that it also invites fans of space combat RTS games to contribute to driving the genre forward. Nexus 2 – The Gods Awaken is the proposed sequel to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, a well-received and much-loved 2004 RTS that took the emphasis away from micromanaging base-building and resource management to provide a top-level fleet admiral overview for fast-moving strategy and combat.

Nexus 2 – The Gods Awaken has been on Kickstarter since September 28th 2012 and has attracted 2,777 backers, contributing around 20% of the total requested so far. The campaign offers several tiers of involvement, with the requisite specialised reward packages available for the more enthusiastic investors. The game’s high target reflects the standard Nexus 2 – The Gods Awaken is aspiring to, with the aim to bring the space combat RTS into the modern AAA age.

Mike Horneman, director, HD Interactive, comments: “Since we launched the Kickstarter, we’ve seen growing interest and investment from Nexus’s fanbase, but we’d like to cast the net further afield to appeal to anyone with an interest in space combat RTSes.” He continues, “As mentioned initially, the original Nexus is still finding new fans via Steam, so we know there’s a desire in the general gaming population for spacecraft RTSes and these fans deserve a thoroughly modern take on the genre.”

Vincent Van Diemen, producer for Nexus 2 – The Gods Awaken comments: “Nexus: The Jupiter Incident was the first game that I had full production responsibility for, and I’m very proud of what we achieved and the fanbase that Nexus created. With this in mind, we really want to carry on from where we left off and Nexus 2 – The Gods Awaken will improve on the original in every way and showing that there’s huge value in funding a modern, deep space combat strategy title.” He continues, “There’s a trend to move away from depth in just about every genre these days and this is down to the publishers. This is why Nexus 2 needs to be crowdfunded, because it’s the only way we can really push the tactical space combat forward.”