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Apple Hire Ex AMD Employee

Apple hire chip designer to help with their processors

It looks like Apple are looking to bolster their a series chip (based on ARM IP technology) by hiring a industry veteran, Jim Mergard. Jim who has plenty of experience working for some of the biggest names in the chip and mobile industry such as AMD and Samsung. Mergard’s last job was with Samsung where he worked on Samsung’s own ARM based chips too. While with AMD Mergard helped develop AMD’s E-series APU (he spend a total of 16 years with the company), so as you can see Mergard has a lot of experience with designing low power chips for both x86 and ARM architectures.

Most analyst do not expect to see a move from Apple to develop their own dedicated low powered CPU any time soon, but analyst speculate that Mergard’s experience means that if Apple wanted to, that he could easily manage to get resources from within and outside Apple to put together a team to create an Apple CPU. It's not just Apple that are looking at creating its own CPU designs, Samsung have also vowed to be more prominent in the CPU market.

We all know about the patent issues that both companies have been firing at each other lately, could this be opening a war on another front? I guess only time will tell.