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UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending October 8th

Football, Zombies and Vault Hunters take the lead

With the start of a new week comes a new set of sales figures. Last week I was shocked to see Borderlands 2 drop to 2nd place, but that shock can keep coming because this week it's in 3rd place. With Resident Evil 6 launching in the #2 spot just below the two week champion Fifa 13.

Just Dance 4, has landed on it's feet in 4th place and while I don't much care for the title my self, I do expect it to sell well in the run up to Christmas. Although in saying that, party games and music games always do sell well this time of year and it's great to see that guitar based antics Rocksmith has still got a spot in the charts too, showing there is still room for advancement in the music game genre.

The big names are still selling well too, with Sleeping Dogs, Skyrim, forza 4, Gran Turismo 5, Max Payne 3 going strong. But titles like Mists of Pandaria which has taken a huge nose dive from 4th to 20th may not be in the charts for long, likely due to the rapid uptake by fans who wanted to get straight into the action with everyone else.

The fun family games are doing well too with Super Mario Bros. 2, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Little Big Planet VITA and Angry Bird Trilogy all ranking nicely in the top 20. It's good to see a VITA title in there though, as the platform hasn't had the strongest launch and I hope to see this improve towards the Christmas period.

There are some major launches coming up very soon though, which should see some major changes in the next few weeks. You can check out some of this month's major releases in our game release date article here -

UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending October 8thUKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending October 8th