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Microsoft Points Here To Stay?

Microsoft may not be switching to cash payments on Xbox afterall.

In a followup to our recent news story about Microsoft switching to cash only payments on Windows 8, in favour of MS Points (  It seems they will be sticking to their virtual currency for the time being on the Xbox 360, but not on Windows 8.

Sources are saying that while microsoft has phased out the points system on their upcoming operating system, if you want to buy, rent or download paid content on your Xbox 360, then points will be how you do it. If you wish to pay for it in your local currency then you will need to make that purchase through the Windows 8 marketplace.

Windows 8 MarketWindows 8 Market

In my opinion this only further alienates the consumer, while MS Points are not the perfect solution (far from it in fact) it does help to have a unified structure across all platforms. Especially given Microsoft seems to be on the offensive to create a unified platform experience across all  their devices. From the Win 7/8 smart phones, Windows 8 and the Xbox Dashboard, as well as any tablet and other mobile devices they're set to launch.

Microsoft hasn't explained why they've opted for this split system, at least not yet. But maybe this is a the start of a things to come as Microsoft could be using Windows 8 as a test bed for their Next-Gen Xbox hardware, both in terms of OS and how they handle transactions with the end user.