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Microsoft Explores New Computer Controls

The software giant is looking at creating a wrist worn senor for multiple applications.

Microsoft DigitMicrosoft Digit

After the success of their Kinect Microsoft are not researching and hopefully developing a new way of interacting with our technological devices. The new device aptly names ‘The Digits’ prototype is part of an effort on their part of create a new way of controlling equipment using hand gestures. The device uses an IR LED and camera to monitor hand gestures, the reason for using IR is because it does not distract the user from the task he/she is trying to accomplish.

Believe it or not but it is being developed in Microsoft’s UK research and development centre based in our very own ‘silicon valley’ in Cambridge. It was Kinect that first put the team into thinking about developing the Digits system which they will eventually "reduce Digits to the size of a watch that can be worn all the time" said project leader David Kim.

The device could be used in a variety of tasks from allowing you to type on a virtual keyboard to driving without the need for a wheel. The team acknowledge that the current device is some way from being able to be released to market but this could be an evolutionary step in our interaction with computers.