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Borderlands 2 New Character Released

Gearbox announces the Mechromancer is available today!

Borderlands 2 - MechromancerBorderlands 2 - Mechromancer

I’m sure that many of you are aware of the hit title that is Borderlands 2 with most games review sites giving it top marks it is hard to see how anyone could resist it.

Well today Gearbox announced that they were releasing some new downloadable content, the Mechromancer which is available to purchase or if you decided to buy the season pass or pre-ordered early and were entered into the Premiere Club will be available for free through that. It has caught a lot of people off guard since Gearbox decided to release it earlier than planned as it was originally set for release on the 16th of October (a week early)

You will be able to play the Mechromancer (her name is Gaige) within the normal game and Gearbox have put a lot of work into the character giving her a brand spanking new skill tree (those who are familiar to the game will understand this). For more information see here

She will be the 5th playable character within borderlands 2 and will come with some cool skills, one of skills I’m looking forward to using is the ability to launch a kick ass robot called Death Trap who will help you defeat your enemies.