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Today, A Man Will Jump From Space!

Watch the live stream here for this amazing feat 2pm BST.

This year is certainly shaping up to be a big one for the history books, with the tests on the rocket engine for a 1000mph car only a week ago, not to mention the actual attempt at the land speed record to come soon enough too. Then we have the launch of the commercial SpaceX program, the commercial replacement for the NASA shuttle and to top that off Joe Kittingers 108,800ft parachute jump from the edge of space, a world record that has stood unchallenged in 52 years! is set to be taken head on.

Now while this isn't normally the sort of news we cover here on CCLTech, it's something has to be stood back and appreciated, not just because of the man who will be taking that leap, but because of the people who are making such a thing possible and of course the technology required to pull of such an amazing stunt.

Given that this record was last set 52 years ago, we can safely say that technology has come a long way since the last jump. But when you're taking into account that the last jump was taken by the former Air Force Colonel Joe Kittinger as he leapt quite literally from the edge of space, with a slight nip in his glove costing him the use of his hand due to the extreme low temperatures, the things that can go wrong on this new attempt are countless.

Attempting to break the record, the new man in town Mr Baumgartner will be leaping from 120,000ft from an air balloon, where he will then freefall (for a long time), will approach speeds near 700mph and will be the first human being to travel at supersonic speed without some kind of propulsion (other than gravity). The numbers are just mind boggling.

So today is going to be a big day in history and of course we wish him and his team all the best in this endeavour. Naturally we would like to see him succeed as there is literally no room for error after he has made the jump. But the advancements in technology, the level of engineering and progress that has been made to make this possible is simply staggering.

Check out the YouTube livestream below, 2PM this afternoon UK time, this is proper reality TV.

UPDATE: The stream below is now live and set for a possible early launch of 13:30 GMT so hit play and watch as we get set to see an amazing feat.