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AMD's Z-60 APU Details Released

Ultra-low power chip for tablet and hybrid PCs.

AMD has lifted the veil on its latest APU, the Z60 which is said to be super power efficient with its ability to drop in and out of low power states quickly with the use of nothing more than an optimised bios required for support. Capable of resuming from a sleep state in seconds and able to boot windows within 30 seconds, which may not sound impressive but when you consider its doing it on a tiny 5w of power, it suddenly sounds like a smart car topping out at 200 miles an hour.

AMD's Z-60 APUs Specification

• Dual-Core
• 80 Radeon Cores
• 1GHz Clock Speed
• 1Mb L2 Cache
• USB 3.0 Support
• 1920x1080p Max Resolution
• 4.5w TDP

Thanks to this low power design and their relative size the APU will be able to fit into a tablet computer design of only 10mm in thickness and still offer around 6 hours of video playback at 720p resolution or 8 hours of web surfing, an impressive feat giving the power consumption to performance ratio involved.

Just to prove the point of its power to performance AMD state that a tablet fitted with this APU will still be able to play games such as Modern Warfare 2 at 720p resolution and still keep a 30fps target in check, sure this will effect battery life a little more than just web browsing, but keep in mind it's still not breaking the 5w power mark, so it's not going to run flat in a hurry thats for sure.

With Windows 8 just on the horizon and the new APU offering the ability to run native desktop editions of the OS, which is a big trump card for AMD given the nature of the tablet market is edging towards the ARM architecture.

This is an amazing product for AMD and could give them more than a lead in the next generation of tablet and mobile computing platforms. Intel simply doesn't have anything like this kind of performance from their current mobile chips, certainly not with this kind of on board graphics performance. With AMD utilizing their knowledge from their Radeon GPU business to give them somewhere in the region of 6-7x more graphics performance than the Intel offerings, but again still managing to do it on the equivalent of an electricity diet of 5w, impressive.

Hopefully it won't be too long until we see some consumer products with this new APU, but well keep you updated when we hear of an announcement.