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Microsoft Points Coming To An End?

Windows 8 begins a shift toward real currency

Microsoft has started the removal of their controversial points payment system as the default payment method for music and movie download/rental within Windows 8. Since the beta of Windows 8 shipped with the points system in place it seemed the infrastructure was here to stay, but thanks to recent changes, this has all changed and change is a good thing.

No longer will users be forced to buy virtual credit to then make their purchases something that has plagued the Xbox 360 for years now with its points being sold in blocks that are not equal to the price of items on sale. Think of it like 8 hot dogs in a tin while bread rolls come in packs of 6 all over again.

Given that this virtual currency (Microsoft Points) has been used on Windows, Xbox Live and Zune for years now for the purchase of everything from games, movies, pictures, DLC, music, rentals and more this new system could make micro-transactions all that much easier. With regular credit card support now in place I can only hope this feature quickly makes it across to the Xbox platform and of course is rolled out across any other applicable Microsoft platform.

Microsoft has yet to issue a statement about what will happen on other platforms, but rest assured that we will update you as soon as we hear something from the software giant.