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4K HDTV May Be A Rare Beast

Market observers predict very slow take off for the tech.

4K HDTV, or quad HD, Super HD, HD+, Ultra HD, whatever you want to call it, it boils down to one thing and that is its resolution of 3840 x 2160. I've been looking forward to this technology for quite some time now and I am a big fan of current high definition technology. But it seems not everyone is as keen to get their hands on this tech as I am with analysts claiming that 4K won't even account more than 1% of global LCD sales over the next 5 years.

The problem lies in screen sizes, when you have a 14-32" TV 720p resolution is enough, 32-60" 1080p is enough, but when you get into 4k resolution territory you can't really reap the rewards until you're around the 60" screen size area. Not exactly a consumer level of TV size, at least not for the majority of the TV buying public.

The second issue comes from content providers. There just isn't the infrastructure to broadcast native 4K TV and there aren't many other sources for the format commercially available either. Of course the same was once true of 1080p HDTV content and products like Blu-Ray. The real next chance for resolutions above 1080p will be PC's and next gen console hardware, although I my self doubt next gen gaming consoles will have the horsepower to meet such a high level of fidelity.

So the wait continues, both for content to increase, prices and production cost to fall and screen technology to develop further. With AMOLED tech still 2 years from being full viable at a consumer level, all but the extreme enthusiast of 4K will have to wait.