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Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Will See A 2GB Edition

NVIDIA say card is not limited to 1GB


It seemed that NVIDIA was going to have a 1GB cap on the GTX 650 Ti but it infact turns out that the NVIDIA partners have a little bit of flexibility with the new design and that some of the cards partners will be producing 2GB cards, perhaps even from launch.

At the moment the only a few available one from Gigabyte and the other from Gainward which you can view here:

That doesn't mean we won't see more in the near future. Gigabyte are only charging an extra £15 for the increase in VRAM and Gainward an extra £30, so it's not going to break the bank too much on this budget card.

As with anything in this industry, prices, specifications and a whole lot more can change almost overnight  so we'll keep a closer eye on this one and update you if any more cards become available. Either way this card hits a great price vs performance benchmark that is sure to go down well with the consumers on a tighter budget that still want to get the latest technology benefits from the GTX 600 series, although its debatable on how much difference the extra 1GB of VRAM would make in the majority of cases on a card in this power bracket.