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Workers Strike in Foxconn Factory

Workers strike on iPhone 5 line over work conditions.

According to sources within China, on Friday Foxconn’s plant in Zhengzhou, China went on strike over working conditions on the iPhone 5’s assembly line. The plant which employs around 130,000 people and produces around 70 per cent of all iPhone devices said that the reason for the strike was over stricter quality control procedures which have caused un-necessary stress within the plants quality control team, which numbers around 100 quality inspectors.

However not long after the story broke Foxconn released a statement playing down the reports of strike action and putting it down to two minor disputes had taken place earlier in the week saying “Any reports that there has been an employee strike are inaccurate. There has been no workplace stoppage in that facility or any other Foxconn facility and production has continued on schedule.”

This is not good press for Foxconn or Apple, as earlier this month there was rioting in another of Foxconn’s plants in Taiyuan in north China this strike ran out of control into a riot which required the need for 5000 police to calm the workers down and get the plant up and running again.

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 the latest iPhone without the late great Steve Jobs any slip in product is the last thing that Apple would want from Foxconn and with employer employee relations looking like its at breaking point something will need to be done to calm matters.