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Microsoft Launches New Peripherals

With the launch of Windows 8 Microsoft looks to be refreshing their peripheral range as well.

After the introduction of its new operating system (Windows 8), Microsoft has now announced a new line of peripherals in complement the new operating system. This includes such items as keyboards, mice and other accessories, the more interesting of them being its Sculpt Comfort Keyboard.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort KeyboardMicrosoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard











The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is ergonomically like a lot of Microsoft’s keyboards of yester year (including the one that I’m typing on at the moment). One striking feature of the Sculpt Comfort is the fact that Microsoft have split the space bar in two. The reason that Microsoft give for this is that “constantly striking backspace breaks a person's typing stride because of its location on the top right-hand corner of the keyboard”.

The new approach is supposed to increase “typing efficiency and speed” they have done this by changing the space bar in two ways:
- Increased the width of the spacebar to make the bar easier to strike.
- Split the spacebar to make use of the neglected left-hand side as an extra backspace key.

The split space bar is also supposed to be more ergonomically friendly for the user by eliminating the need for, what Microsoft describe as the awkward "pinky reach"

To have a look at more new Microsoft peripherals check out their hardware website at As for the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard this will be debuting on Windows Vista, 7 and 8 soon at around $60.