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Trickster Online Challenges Players to Solve the Riddle of the Tapasco Theme Spa

Anime-inspired ORPG expands Cabella Island with new dungeon, puzzle challenges, boss battles and end-game player items

SG Interactive has unleashed the Tapasco Theme Spa, a new four-level dungeon for Trickster Online. Starting today high-level players can journey to this new and mysterious bath house located on top of Tapasco Volcano, battle the crazed staff and patrons, complete challenging mental puzzles, and discover what lies beneath this luxurious day spa.

An all new dungeon open to players level 230 and up, the Tapasco Theme Spa features four levels that become progressively harder as ambitious adventurers quest to discover the meaning to the spa’s sudden appearance, and what it has in store for Cabella Island.

“The Tapasco Theme Spa is targeted for our long-time high-level players, expanding the world of Trickster Online and giving newer players something to work towards,” said Claire Lee, casual team manager and producer of Trickster Online for SG Interactive. “But players should take care, as this new dungeon has the strongest and most challenging mini and end-bosses ever released in the game.”

As gamers dive deeper into Tapasco Theme Spa and the active volcano beneath it, they’ll need to defeat the more than 10 new monster types running amuck, multiple puzzle types that bar passage, as well as several powerful mini-bosses guarding the final level. Rumor is the powerful Spice Dragon waits for tenacious gamers, offering the most powerful items the game has ever seen should they defeat it.

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