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Steelseries free mobile wireless controller and Flux headset

New Pocket-Sized, Wireless Controller and Headset for mobile gaming, tablets and smartphones out now.

Steelseries - Flux - HeadsetSteelseries - Flux - Headset

Steelseries has just launched their Free Mobile Wireless Controller along with the SteelSeries Flux Headset, both of which are available on the SteelSeries Web Shop. These new products are fantastic for those who love to game on the go and will no doubt go down a storm with Steelseries fans who don't just want to be restricted to the desktop and console peripherals that the company produces.

The new wireless controller will work on everything from PC and Mac, to Android smartphones, tablets and many iOS devices such as the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The cross-platform, on-ear SteelSeries Flux Headset is designed to be folded-up and easily transportable. Available in black and white base colors, the SteelSeries Flux can also be completely customized to suit a users favorite colors and compatibility needs, via the SteelSeries Configurator, which will be coming later this month.

SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller - $79.99 / €79.99
This new breed of gaming controller brings together a compact and lightweight design with the industry’s best cross-platform compatibility. Users will immediately recognize its familiar, classic button layout similar to Nintendo and PlayStation controllers, which includes, a Dpad button on the left, a four-button cluster on the right, select and start in the middle, 2 mini-analog sticks, and 2 shoulder buttons. Its rechargeable, lithium battery hosts an estimated 20hrs of casual gameplay and 10hrs of non-stop playtime. Its power-save mode will turn the controller off after 3 minutes of idle time, helping to conserve its battery life. The SteelSeries Free can be easily charged by plugging in a USB/mini USB cable to your computer or mobile device. It has play-and-charge functionality, which allows users to connect the cable, charge the battery, and keep playing via Bluetooth.

PC and Mac users will be able to remap and customize all 12 buttons to their liking via the SteelSeries Engine, while mobile users will be able to download and access the SteelSeries Engine App for button layout, a quick-start guide and support. For the growing list of game compatibility, head over to

SteelSeries Flux Headset - $99.99 / €99.99
The SteelSeries Flux Headset is lightweight and comfortable, with its adjustable, FluidFIT headband and SteelSeries sound isolating, SNDBlock ear cushions that are created with a breathable, mesh-cloth material. The SteelSeries Flux may be small in stature, but its sound is loud, crisp and clear thanks to its 40mm premium-quality driver units.

If black or white is too plain for your liking, the SteelSeries Flux can also be completely customized with additional colors and designs for the interchangeable outer plates, cushions, and cables. These online-only customization options will be available through the SteelSeries Flux Configurator, later this month. You can check it out at

For more information, be sure to follow SteelSeries on Facebook and Twitter for the latest SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller and SteelSeries Flux Headset news, contests and promotions surrounding these products.