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Apple Share Prices Fall

Shareholders not content with iPhone 5 first week sales

Shareholders are showing concern at Apple this week after less than favourable sales of the iPhone 5, which in my mind sounds crazy because I'm pretty sure they sold a huge pile of them and made a lot of money, even with broken maps and scratched cases the phone is as popular as ever, but sometimes its just enough enough for some people.

Seems the analysts worked that they would shift somewhere between 6 and 10 million iPhone 5's within the first week, a staggering number to be certain. In the end customers only walked away with 5 million of the iPhone 5, was short of the expected target. Now this is clearly not an indication that Apple wasn't selling enough units, but is of course an indication that the analysts got a "bit" carried away with their estimates.

This number is still more than the number of iPhone 4S units sold in the same time frame upon its release, but some were claiming that the sales would sky rocket even further. This would have seen the shareprice at Apple skyrocket to a crazy $1000 each come Christmas. Of course apple will still hit this 6-10 million target, its just going to take another week or so to tick this one off the list.

While some industry people blamed this on supply issues, this really doesn't seem to be the case and evidence suggests that strong competition from the likes of Samsung have more a hand in the issue. Competition in the mobile market is feirce and let be fair, Apple is still winning, just now by as much as it thought it would. People are upgrading their previous iPhones but less and less people are converting to the brand these days as Android and even Windows phone gain more traction.