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AMD Trinity Going to Retail

Second Gen APU and more finally see the light of day.

While the new components were intended to hit retailers several months ago, some delays have set things back a few months, but all that is about to change as AMD's 2nd generation APU starts to ship on the OEM market for system builds. Unfortunately though the retail market and general consumers will have to wait a while longer to get their hands on the new components, it could be weeks or more, but we will update you as soon as we know.

The new AMD A10 APU now sports the all new, just released FM2 socket, AMD's latest socket revision that will be replacing FM1 socket CPU's and motherboards in the near future. With chips like their flagship A10-2800K said to be able to compete with Intels Core i5 chips and maintain a lower price point than Intels popular offering things are certainly going to get interesting in terms of pricing and competition.

AMD have always been known to offer a solid price vs performance ratio and if these new APU chips really can go head to head with the i5 its going to be great news for those looking to build a gaming system over the next few months. Not only are the chips intended to be priced competitively but with their new Piledrive cores and graphics giving quad core performance with a 65W TDP, they are going to make great options for M-ITX HTPC builds, office systems and more, especially with their low power rating helping to keep temprature and energy efficiency in check.

There are no official words on pricing just yet, but as soon as we have details you can be sure we'll update you when AMD gives us the information.