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Intel Retire 32nm Sandy Bridge CPUs

Intel's Ivy Bridge will make it into desktop systems as it's the end of the line for many of their 32nm Sandy Bridge desktop processors

In a recent Product Change notification released by Intel they laid out the end of life for a number of its 32nm Sandy Bridge desktop processors. This includes all variants including both boxed and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of the following flavors of the i5/i7 processor:

  • Core i5-2310
  • Core i5-2320
  • Core i5-2400S
  • Core i5-2405S
  • Core i5-2500
  • Core i5-2500K
  • Core i5-2500S
  • Core i5-2500T
  • Core i7-2600K
  • Core i7-2600S
  • Core i7-2700K

Some of the above processors that are at EOL have seen some great overclocks, I personally have had the 2400 at over 4Ghz underwater and the 2500K has been a favourite for PC enthusiasts for quite a while.

Intel gave the reason behind the move of being a change of demand being “shifted to other Intel products”. There is no need to worry as I have been told that there is still plenty of stock in our warehouse and I’m sure that this is the case for Intel as well.

Intel state that all the above models will still be purchasable until March 2013 as they try to get rid of most of their stock, so I suppose it is more of a heads up from Intel. We at CCL tech can see why this line of processors have been marked to be phased out, with the new 22nm processing giving better overclocks and power saving there is really no need for 32nm chips.