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Paradox Interactive's Impire

Paradox pays homage to Dungeon Keeper like game in Impire

I will be the first to admit that it doesn’t take much for me to get excited about a game. I like games, I like games that make me think or games that try something different. When I was 13 there was a game that turned my thinking on its head and that game was Dungeon Keeper.

For you people that are too young to remember Dungeon Keeper it was a game where you built a dungeon and waiting to be attacked by the good guys, yes that it right, THE GOOD GUYS, it was and still is a fantastic game and I was over joyed when I heard from a friend that Paradox was looking at doing a Dungeon Keeper like game called Impire.















Unfortunately at the moment I cannot see anything other than imps in the game, I was hoping for different creatures, but as long as the gameplay is are good as the original then you will not be able to get me off it, I understand that there will be traps in the game like in Dungeon Keeper. It looks like Paradox aim to get Impire out early next year