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iPhone 5 Glued to Floor by Pranksters!

Dutch prankster creates expensive iPhone gotcha!

What do the Dutch do when they are bored? Well looking at website they stick the latest model iPhone to the floor, film people trying to pick it up and post it on the internet for all to see. As can be seen from the below youtube video:











As you can see from the videos quite a few people tried to snatch up Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone with the greatest of intent but all failed. Some very bright spark tried to kick the iPhone loose from the pavement but was also unsuccessful.

iPhone 5 PrankiPhone 5 Prank

After a while more and more people had gathered around the iPhone 5 to see if any of them were worthy of getting the iPhone off the floor, a sort of sword in the stone type scenario , alas no King Arthur around to get this latest tech off the floor.

iPhone 5 PrankiPhone 5 Prank

At the end of the video (if you don’t know already) we find out that is was all advertising stunt to drum up iPhone sales on, and since its reached us at CCLtech it seems to have worked a treat, and of course the over 1 million views might have helped as well.