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Apple iPhone 5 Jail Broken

Software crackers unlock new phone from Apple in just 8 hours

It's become somewhat of a competition these days for any new device, especially when it comes to the iPhone or iOS software. While Apple may want to keep everyone locked inside a high security wall so that they can watch over your activities, not everyone is happy to go for the regime, which is where Jailbreaking their phones comes into play.

Jailbreaking allows you to install any application to your phone, be that legal, illegal, downloaded, paid for, unpaid, its really up to you, allowing you the freedom to do with your device as you please, within its technical limitation of course. So with the launch of a new phone and the new iOS came a new wave of security measures and patches that prevented such software from being implemented on the phone, but did this stop people from applying a Jailbreak to their phone? No, not one bit.

Grand Paul, a San Francisco hacker claims to have already beaten the iPhone 5 into submission, but not only has he cracked the new device and its operating system, but he managed to do it within 8 hours of the phone being sold at retail, it's more than likely people were still waiting in line to buy theres while he was at home unlocking it before anyone else, although I doubt he was the only one to try.

Grant managed to publish images on twitter showing the device running the app "Cydia" which is known to only run on hacked iPhone devices, of course Apple will no doubt be reinforcing their stand that this is infact a bad idea, because when it comes to applications and software, they would rather you did it via their own software and marketplace. But many of you will no doubt disagree with Apple that a closed system is a bad idea, it may also be true to say that if iPhones couldn't be jailbroken, they wouldn't be as successful as they are today.