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Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 Out Now

Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 released into the wild and available to play

To be honest I’m a little angry, some would say torn, betrayed, near to tears and I bet that you’re wondering why… the follow ups to two of my favourite games coming out on the same day is just wrong and which to play first? Both have had excellent reviews and I’m very undecided!

Borderlands is a fantastic, off planet, FPS which caused a storm when release in 2009, I could not put the game down, you play a mercenary in search of a mystical vault that will make you right and famous beyond your wildest dream. Borderlands 2 has been touted to be even bigger and better in every department from the amount of guns to its more open map  (one of the only criticisms of BL was the map constraints).

Torchlight again another amazing game set in the town of Torchlight where you enter dungeons to battle monsters and demons addicted to a magical substance known as Ember to save the world and get some fantastic loot along the way. Torchlight 2 (as Borderlands 2) is supposed to be better in every way more weapons, more baddies, more abilities, more random dungeons, I think that you get my point.

Torchlight 1 vs Torchlight 2Torchlight 1 vs Torchlight 2

















Well I’m going to leave it there as you all need to go play at least one of these games!