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Microsoft Brings Updates for Flash on Windows 8

Hackable vulnerability in Flash and IE10 should now be resolved.

As with any OS there will always be some kind of vulnerability in the software, this is especially true when the software is incomplete or is still in a pre-release state such as Windows 8 is at the moment.

Microsoft has just issued a round of updates for their OS to fix some exploits in the Flash components of Internet Explorer 10, since Microsoft has now incorporated Flash into the software of Internet Explorer it was now up to Microsoft to roll out the update, as they now cater for the software updates of Flash through Windows Update, which helps with end user convenience and security.

The new updates were not planned to reach users until the end of October, but because the vulnerabilities had become an issue the update was released much sooner, given that the last updates were released in August by Adobe and the Windows 8 RTM that was released around the same time did not include the fixes, so hopefully this will close a few hackable loopholes for now.

Windows 8 is due for release shortly. If you're unsure of which version is right for you, check out our version guide here :