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Sennheiser X 320 Headset Review

Does this Xbox headset live up to the Sennheiser name?

Sennheiser have quite a name for themselves when it comes to audio, so I was really looking forward to trying out their X 320 headset. Given their pedigree I figured it would make a nice change from all the Turtle Beach and Tritton headsets that run the world of console audio

Sennheiser X 320 ReviewSennheiser X 320 Review

The set comes in a fairly straightforward plastic packaging, it’s only a throwaway box but it displays the product well enough and at first glance the headset looks of a fairly decent quality, it also feels extremely light for a headset of this size.










Sennheiser X 320 ReviewSennheiser X 320 Review

Upon opening the box you find it comes pre-wired with a very long cable, this is a good thing of course if you're planning on kicking back on the couch a decent viewing distance away from your TV. Given that this headset isn't exactly cheap, I wasn't happy to find that it’s a standard plastic cable, for this money I would have expected a much more durable braided cable to be fitted to the set.
You will also find in the box a fairly decent quality AUX throughput adaptor with red and white connections and a jack plug on the other end to provide sound input to the headset, as well as a microphone cable that you can connect from your controller to the headsets inline controller.







Sennheiser X 320 ReviewSennheiser X 320 Review

The inline controller is hardwired onto the headset main cable, it’s a simple plastic mould unit but feels of a fairly sturdy quality. On the inline controller you will find a green volume dial for the game audio, a separate white dial for the chat audio, a 2 way switch that provides you with a bass boost function and on the reverse you will find a simple clip to attach the controller to your cloths, not unlike what you would find on the lid of a pen.

Sennheiser X 320 ReviewSennheiser X 320 Review

The actually headset unit comes mostly finished in a really lightweight and somewhat cheap and weak feeling high gloss plastic, while this does keep the weight down a lot, a good feature in a headset, especially for long gaming sessions, it normally also keeps the cost down, I would have expected a much high quality finish from such a premium name as Sennheiser.
The headband and ear pieces have been finished with a really soft padding that does feel of a much higher quality, providing a very comfortable fit for the set.
The microphone is permanently attached to the set, with a simple fold away joint that allows you to turn the microphone parallel to the headband. Folding it more than 45 degree upwards engages the microphones mute setting, a simple method but it works really well and saves you from faffing about for a button on the controller every time you need to mute the headset.


Setting up the headset was simple enough, the included cables were of a decent length and while they could have been of a better quality they are definitely up to the job. So with it all plugged in and ready to go, it was time to put them through their paces.
For my testing I chose to spend an hour on Halo Reach, both in campaign and an hour in multiplayer in a party of 4 people online. I also watched about 20 mins of a DVD, Lord of the Rings Two-Towers, listened to a few songs and rounded it all off with half an hour on Forza 4 single player.
Gameplay audio was pretty decent, as I would have hoped with a Sennheiser product the audio should be top notch. Bass reproduction was reasonably robust without sacrificing any of the mid and high frequencies, but the only thing that loomed over me like a dark cloud was that it was nothing ground breaking, breathtaking or spectacular in any way, I'll explain more on that in a moment. The bass boost function works well enough but it doesn't do much to improve the experience.
In game chat was really good though, the separate controllers for game audio and chat are a big bonus, although not exactly an uncommon feature on headsets these days, it is a vital one, allowing you to dial in the right settings for chat levels is very handy when you’re playing in a large group, allowing you to focus on the team chat or of course, dial everyone down to zero and enjoy your game audio, it’s your call. The microphone produced clear enough tones and was definitely better than the standard microphone that comes bundled with the Xbox.
Performance was equal throughout movies and music too, giving a decent all round performance from the set, with no clear “better” experience from the movies, music or games that I chose to sample.
But about the overall performance, not just sound quality, but also build quality and aesthetics. I can't for the life of me figure out why this headset costs as much as it does. Now I know there will be fans of Sennheiser out there that will swear by the name and buy this product regardless, dare I say they will no doubt be very happy with it. As would a lot of people because the performance isn't too shabby. But it doesn't justify this price tag, nor does it perform any better than the bulk of headsets that cost half the price of this one.
There are plenty of other options on the market for half the cost of the Sennheiser, not only do they sound just as good as this set, but they generally come build of more robust materials, have more style and generally look a bit cooler.
So what was really good about the Sennheiser? Well the weight of the set is unmatched, its super lightweight and the padding on both the headband and the ear cups is super soft and allows for good airflow to your ears, this also means that they don't keep the sound in well, so these aren't the most considerate headphones if others are in the room with you, they will hear what you hear, but for long gaming sessions, they're extremely comfortable, something that you can't really put a price on when it comes to long gaming sessions.
So overall they're a bit of a mixed bag, they perform well, they look reasonably good although again nothing spectacular, but that’s really a matter of taste and personal preference. The price isn't fantastic though and that’s what really hurts this headset. I personally wouldn't be willing to pay the £90 RRP on these, but if you’re looking for a very comfortable light weight headset, you can’t go wrong here. But if you’re looking for durable build quality, style and jaw dropping sound, you can do better for less money with some of the other brands on the market.

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