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Codemasters Under Fire About F1 2012

Tyre wear issues in game now dubbed "wear-gate" as feedback floods developers

Ok so this has clearly gotten out of hand, but with mass hysteria over issues with games like Mass Effect, Biowares backing down only opened the flood game for further trolling of more developers in the future, sure customers have a right to complain but to what extent is it acceptable?

Steve Hood, Creative Director of Codemasters has been contacted by gamers since the games launch with "outright disgraceful" messages sent to both himself and the staff at Codemasters, so much so that Hood has spoken out to ask for maturity and more polite behavior from those leaving the feedback!

Now I love a good grumble and I'm not afraid to complain but if you're going to do it, at least be polite (as I'm sure some of those who complained were).

The issues has arisen over complaints with how tyre wear is handled in the game, with many of the hard core fans unhappy with the new changes and things have clearly just escalated from there, no doubt a high number of the complaints are just people jumping on the bandwagon to spam Codemasters, as you normally find with these things its only a small percentage of the fans who bought the game that will actually write and complain.

Codemasters and Hood are of course asking for patience and better conduct from their fans and of course anyone else who wants to chip in, but no one knows yet if, when or how the issues might be addressed, if of course they even can be address with a patch or update to the title, but for thoese still in confusion or of course a bad mode about it all can find out a little more or leave their feedback over on the F1 2012 forums with the link below.