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PowerColour Unleash a New Beast of a GPU

The truly demonic PowerColour Devil13 HD7990 breaking shelves this September

PowerColour have decided to up the tempo a bit (and by a bit we mean a lot) and release a new flagship dual-GPU card called the ‘Devil 13’. It should be in shops from September, it features two of AMD’s Tahiti XT GPUs. Its default engine clocks in at 925MHz but there is a dual BIOS switch that powers the GPU up to 1GHz which makes this an extremely powerful card indeed.

PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990

As you can see though to keep this demonic beast cool it comes with a pretty hefty cooler which amasses over three slots, but when you think any card in SLi/xfire will take up to 4 slots then it’s not as bad as you might think. According to TUL the cooler offers “minimum conduction losses and lower temperatures at load, delivering the steadiest and most secure power to boost for performance.”

The GPU also comes with what TUL describe as a ‘Deluxe Pack’ which includes (of all things) a tool kit, a certificate and other 1337 things that you couldn’t do without.

Looking at pictures found around the internet the Devil13 will take 3 x 8-Pin PCI-E power leads to power it, which in my opinion is a large power draw for even two Tahiti GPUs. If we can get our hands on one of these limited edition beasts of a card I vow that we will get a review done so you can see what the performance is truly like.