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The Humble Indie Bundle 6

Torchlight, SPAZ, Rochard, Vessel, Shatter, BTA: DustForce

The new Humble indie bundle has just been released and available for purchase. There are such great titles as Torchlight, SPAZ and Shatter it is well worth purchasing even if you have maybe one of two titles. Note that all titles are available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, Desura and DRM-free.

To purchase these games separately you would be looking at around £53 for the lot, but one the Humble website the average paid price is $5.73 (around £3.52). The pack also includes 5 ‘breathtaking’ soundtracks

I have spent many an hour on Torchlight and SPAZ these alone are worth getting. Torchlight being a great action RPG developed by Runic games and if you have missed out on this its well worth playing before Torchlight 2 is released on the 20th September.  Torchlight is set in, well, the town of Torchlight, and you as the hero have to go down into random dungeons to fight evil hordes and complete quests.

SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies) is a fantastic real time strategy indie game from the 2 man team of Mini Max games studio. In this game you upgrade, might and out manoeuvre your way to victory against an insane amount of enemies to ensure that you are the first to get the miraculous element 126 and the fame and fortune that goes with it