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Radeon HD 8800 series

First details of AMD's new 28nm GPU "Oland" leaked.

Techpowerup and Videocardz have unleashed a glimpse of the first specifications of the new 28nm GPU from AMD, codenamed "Oland", which we expect will be the new powerhouse behind the Radeon HD 8800 graphics card range once it launches.

While its not so much a leak of the GPU specifications, as stated on "Well, maybe this is not a leak, but prediction. Hard to say, it’s quite good source though — they leaked Tahiti specs few months before launch."

They have been right before and the specs below seem to add up quite nicely too, but with the release of a new generation cards never being far away these days, it won't be long till we have some solid numbers to see how well these predictions hold up and of course how well these very reasonable price tags translate once they hit retail.

Radeon HD 8800 series - Potential SpecificationsRadeon HD 8800 series - Potential Specifications

The image above puts the new 28nm Oland chip at 3.4 billion transistors, measuring in at 270mm2 die, which is a big increase over the previous Pitcairn GPUs that AMD use for their 7800 series cards.

The image does lack on precise specifications for things like the stream processors, but but it seems the GPU will have quite a bit of power behind it, with rumours that they will have impressive single and double precision floating point compute performance, as well as robust texture fill rates.

With proposed clocks of 1050MHz / 1100Mhz (boost) on the XT, 925/975 on the Pro, featuring 6Ghz memory and a 256bit memory bus, gives an impressive 192GB/s worth of memory bandwidth to the cards.

So whos excited about the upcoming GPU or are you all more than happy with the current 7000 series, or of course with the Nvidia 600 series?