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Windows 2012 (Hyper-V) serious business.. for gaming!

Windows 2012 with RemoteFX running games across your network.

I know that RemoteFX was first introduced with Windows 2008 R2 SP1 but I always heard of sluggish performance and compatibility issues but now with Windows Server 2012 in its Release to Manufacturer stage there has been a lot of changes to RemoteFX the most interesting to gamers like you can me are as follows:

RemoteFX vGPU: updated to support DirectX 11

RemoteFX USB Redirection: updated to support all desktop remoting scenarios vGPU-enabled virtual machines, traditional VMs, desktop sessions and physical desktop hosts

RemoteFX Codec: updated to include progressive rendering, which is more effective for rendering content over the WAN by sending images at full resolution only if bandwidth permits.

For you guys that don’t know what RemoteFX might be, then let me tell you; it is a way of letting a virtual PC directly access the GPU on your system and ultimately over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) giving 3D graphics support albeit I would use it over wired ethernet, not that I have tested it over 802.11n.

I have tried Civilization 5, Company Of Heroes, and Jagged Alliance: Back In Action with good success. There will be a walk through on how to get Remotefx up and running on Windows 2012 later next month. One thing that I will note at the moment, is that for RemoteFX to work on a VM you need to be running either Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, or Windows 8.

The future looks bright for remote gaming…