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Adobe ditches Windows XP

CS6 to be the last to support the operating system

Adobe announced today the the current version of Photoshop (CS6), will be the last one that has support for the Windows XP operating system, with ADobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty publishing a blog post, stating that the Photoshop team want to provide advanced notice that CS6 will be the last major version of Photoshop on the OS.

He went on to say that "modern performance-sensitive software requires modern hardware graphics interfaces that Windows XP lacks, in particular a way to tap into the power of GPUs. By only working on newer operating systems and hardware Adobe can bring in significantly better performance."
With modern graphics cards already being put to good use in CS6, with features like its 3D enhancements, effects and lighting features which are already not available to Windows XP customers.

It's not surprising that Adobe have made this move, times change and technology obviously advances forwards and with Windows 8 just around the corner and Windows 7 prices still steadily decreasing, there couldn't be a better time to upgrade your operating system.