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Setting a new standard for USB devices

Video over USB becoming more commonplace than you may think

Everyone is still on the hunt for ways to make computers more compact, or just compact technology in general, one of the best ways to do that is remove something that you no longer need. Now hardware developers are thinking about doing just that, if your Ultrabook didn't need its HDMI, DVI, Display Port or VGA sockets, the amount of space that could be saved on the motherboard and chassis design would be staggering, allowing for much smaller hardware designs. Saving on cost, space and maybe even power outputs, but how are they going to do it?

DisplayLink is the child of USB 3 thanks to Intel's latest chipsets that allow for multiple monitors over USB a reality and more than just a hardware hack or pipedream, with companies like EVGA, HP and Lenovo creating new products to fill this new void, with units that can provide HDMI resolutions of upto 2048 x 1152 via USB for around $80 (US).

Although HP and Targus seem to be leading the pack with their products, which offer the ability to turn a single USB 3.0 into a dock that provides 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, a HDMI port, a DisplayPort, Ethernet socket, audio in / out and all for a $150, with Targus offering something similar but with that ability to charge a 90w laptop included for around $250.

This is all pretty impressive, creating what are in a sense the "all-in-one" solution for a docking station, keeping your mobility maximised when your on the move, but with a simple USB device giving you huge amounts of flexibility when and where you need it. I can really see this sort of technology taking off and its certainly going to be one to keep an eye on over the next few months.