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Office RT Details released.

Windows RT tablets to get pre installed preview editions of essentials.

So much of the IT world relies on Microsoft office for their daily work, life and communication, its a big factor when it comes to using windows, everything from MSWord to Outlook have their vital roles to play, so with the upcoming release of Windows 8 and of course the Windows 8 tablet devices, how is Office going to integrate on these two platforms?

Microsoft has released the first details about Office for Windows RT and while there have been worries that the app suite would be scaled back and simplified for the platform. The ARM powered devices should be shipping with a pre-installed preview edition of important tools like Word, Excel PowerPoint and OneNote, each optimized for the touch screen interface and to optimise battery life on the mobile devices, but I can't help but think Microsoft could have gone a little further than cut down previews and at least included important tools such as Outlook. None of this of course comes pre-installed on the PC retail editions of Windows 8, this is just for the ARM tablet market.

There will be a few features missing too, macros, ActiveX controls plug-ins and flash video playback will not be fully functional with the previews.