YoYo Games today announces that Update 1.1 for GameMaker: Studio, their cross-platform games development environment which is already available for download.

With the free update, developers will have unprecedented access to a wide range of services directly from GameMaker: Studio’s user interface, removing the technical barrier of integrating and deploying business services into games. YoYo Games has also significantly upgraded GameMaker: Studio’s audio system and room editor.

Services integrated and available in GameMaker: Studio Update 1.1:
• AdColony (www.adcolony.com)
• AdMob (www.admob.com)
• Facebook (www.facebook.com)
• Google Play Licensing (http://developer.android.com/guide/google/play/licensing/index.html)
• iAds (advertising.apple.com) and (https://developer.apple.com/iad/)
• MoPub (www.mopub.com)
• Pocket Change (www.pocketchange.com)
• SupersonicAds (www.supersonicads.com)
YoYo Games continues to add services to GameMaker: Studio on an ongoing basis and will make those services available in future updates and Google Analytics will be available soon.

So are you a games developer, do you use this service, what are your thoughts on these latest updates?

To download GameMaker: Studio Version 1.1 please visit: www.yoyogames.com

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