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Why Buy an NVIDIA Powered Laptop Computer?

Tom gives us some of the beneficial features of using NVIDIA products and the impact they have on mobile computing

Laptop computers are getting more powerful every year, but one area that seems to constantly cause frustration is the graphics performance available from the majority of the laptops we sell. With most coming equipped with integrated graphics solutions from Intel and AMD, performance stakes leaves a lot to be desired. You may believe the only benefit of increased graphical performance would be for gaming, and whilst this is a definite advantage, a modern graphics processor can do so much more than just improve your gaming experience.

By running an integrated GPU, you will be missing out on high quality stereoscopic 3D, high definition audio streaming, (such as Dolby TrueHD, to compliment the pin-sharp HD video output), the acceleration of programs such as photo and video editing, plus support for high resolution monitor outputs with full HDCP compliance. This is all far beyond what an integrated solution could hope to achieve.

Asus Gaming Laptop Powered by an Nvidia Graphics CardAsus Gaming Laptop Powered by an Nvidia Graphics Card

NVIDIA offers a wide range of highly optimised GeForce GPUs (discrete graphics) that provide significant advantages over any of the integrated solutions available. They not only increase performance but can also extend battery life – something which we recently tested using two second generation Intel Core i5 notebooks, with results living up to the substantial hype.

NVIDIA’s clever battery optimisation technique is known as NVIDIA Optimus Technology.

NVIDIA Optimus Technology is fully autonomous, requiring no user input to obtain the extra battery life and improve a notebook’s graphical performance. It continuously monitors what is being demanded of the core components and optimises your laptop to provide the best blend of battery life and performance, based on your activity. It also ensures that laptops run considerably cooler than comparable solutions, where the performance is all or nothing.

In addition to the battery life benefits and awesome gaming performance, a modern NVIDIA GPU can accelerate the most demanding applications using CUDA. In a nutshell, CUDA is an NVIDIA developed technology that enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU.

Slowly but surely, computing is evolving from “central processing” to “co-processing” utilising both the CPU and GPU. Co-processing is the future of application development, with the next major version of Windows set to include as standard graphically accelerated elements. Currently, almost all major video applications are accelerated by CUDA and when editing video, this can cut down hour long waits as a scene renders to mere minutes. To find out if your favourite applications would be accelerated by an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, look for CUDA or OpenCL support on the recommended requirements list for your application.

Finally, coming back to the most obvious benefit of using a hugely powerful NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, is gaming performance. With models that span the full spectrum of budgets, there will be an NVIDIA GeForce card suited just for you.

Today, many notebooks match up to their desktop counterparts, which means gaming is no longer confined to just the desktop PC. The high end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M’s performance is nothing short of astonishing, which it should be for the world’s fastest notebook graphics solution. With it being able to produce over 60FPS in Battlefield 3 (the most demanding PC game out there) at a 1080p resolution, it is a serious piece of gaming hardware and any laptop equipped with one of the GTX 680Ms will devour any game with ease. It’s not just the GTX 680M that is impressive, but all of the new 600-series Kepler based GPUs from NVIDIA that provide an excellent mix of performance, battery life, usability and reliability, making laptops equipped with GeForce chips a premium choice over standard integrated graphics.

If you have not considered a dedicated graphics card in your next laptop, you should do.