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September 21st kick off for PES 2013

Konami Digital announces PES 2013 release date for PS3, 360 and PC.

Football games may see yearly updates almost like clockwork, with a minor tweak here, a little adjustment there, very little changes from game to game over the years, which is understandable given that on the whole, very little changes about the sport, sure the shirts change colour, the names and faces move around, but as a whole, it can be difficult to innovate year on year on the same subject matter.

This year may be different though with PES 2013 being hailed as a massive advance in the football genre thanks to their new 'PES Full Control', which is being pitched as a major a new feature that offers an unrivalled level of control, with players given fully manual control over every pass and shot.  The game’s new Pro Active AI ensures players move and react as they would in real life, while the new Player ID system means that the world’s greatest players are instantly recognisable by how they look, move and play.

As always this is likely buried under a lot of marketing as the company builds hype for the game in the run up to release, but we'll only see if these improvements have made a tangible impact on the game, for better or worse once its released to the general public.

Konami is also putting up a pre-order incentive in the form of a limited UEFA Champions League steelbook edition. The specially-packaged version celebrates Konamis exclusive agreement to feature the UEFA Champions League in the PES series, and includes special DLC code to redeem the Historic UEFA Champions League Match Balls used in the competition and other official elements. The UK will also offer a second, Manchester United-themed steelbook edition for pre-orders, boasting the club’s livery on its cover.

The game is due for release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on September 21st, with further release dates planned for the PSP, PlayStation 2, 3DS and Wii to follow soon.