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F1 2013 to be last for current gen hardware

Codemasters suggests that F1 2014 is likely a Next-Gen release

Codemasters have claimed that they're aiming to release the F1 2013 game on current gen hardware and that it is unlikely that we will see the game on next-gen console hardware, which while the hardware isn't even announced, we do expect to see hit the market towards that later end of next year.

This stands to good reason too, it's more than likely that F1 2013 is already heavily in development and that the developers plan to reach the maximum audience with the next release using a similar game engine (if not the same engine) as F1 2012, for the simple reason that this would be more profitable.

If next-gen hardware releases next year it would also be understandable that development on F1 2014 has already started in some form or another to give the developers not only time to get used to the hardware and programming tools, but also to make sure the game is ready in time either for launch or the games release window on which ever format its being targeted for.

Codemasters have already said that when it comes to next-gen hardware, you have one big choice to make and that they have made theirs to target 60fps, which even today is no easy task, especially when people will be expecting all or nothing in terms of performance, graphics, sound and everything else that goes with a console generation leap, but insider sources are already giving the nod that Codemasters has begun work on porting over their game engines, so could we be playing F1 2014 on next-gen hardware this time next year? I for one hope so.